Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Go on, you know you want to buy it!

The RikVerse - $10.00 + P&P


  1. Is the spelling inside better than at the top of this post?

    What does the Gevey on the front say?

  2. Bugger!

    Yes, the insides have been proofread - any spelling errors therein are personal quirks.

    re the Gevey - the answer to that is on this very blog!


  3. Interesting that you accuse yourself of "vanity publishing".

    It sounds to me like a grey area. Your website publishing isn't vanity puiblishing - it's self-publishing. Doing it yourself has never been thought of as a negative tactic. Vanity publishing involves shelling out money for a publisher to produce a book for you.

    However, while you appear to be doing that at Lulu, it's a produce-on-demand arrangement. Traditional vanity publishing involved paying a publisher money (usually a lot) for printing a minimum number of copies, usually several hundred.

    This is a bit different. Maybe it's going to be the only way for something as unfashionable as poetry to find an audience - at least for most poets.

    Of course, I'll pay for anything if it's good (I've no doubt of that in this case)! Let us know how the book is when you get your proof copy. It would be nice to read your stuff on paper.

  4. Rob - thanks for the comments.

    What I mean by "vanity publishing" is the money I spent on acquiring the ISBN No and the distribution arrangements which will (eventually) allow people to buy the book from amazon.co.uk, or even walk into a bricks 'n' mortar bookshop and order a copy through the bookshop's ordering database. That's a service you don't usually have to pay for if you go down the traditional route, and one that I didn't need to purchase if I was just happy to have people buy the book from the lulu.com website. That part of the deal is pure vanity for me - I wanted an ISBN No to somehow validate the book's right to be considered properly published.

    More on my adventures in PODland in the next post ...

  5. Mine came today. I don't know if you check old comments, but I've posted another plug for it on my blog.