Saturday, June 09, 2007

Poems to Quote to your Lover

It's been a while in the making, but I'm finally there. I'm proud to announce the release - dare I say it, the self-publication? - of my newest chapbook of poems, called Poems to Quote to your Lover (before and after you fuck). 22 high quality poems about love and relationships and sticky, gooey stuff like that. Not a single death or corpse involved in any of them (except for the dead dog in First Love, but that also includes talking maggots so of course it's forgivable).

As ever, the poems are available to read - for free - on my website. And for those people who insist on reading my poetry in the bath, or on the bus, or just after causing Grevious Bodily Harm to their line managers and thus not able to get to a computer on account of being in police custody, there is a pdf of the collection which can be downloaded - again, for free.

Please do take some quality time to savour these rare and wondrous poems. And remember to let me know which poems in the collection you most enjoyed quoting to your lover.

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