Saturday, January 03, 2009

Redraft: Flame

Continuing my astounding progress with the editing thing ...


Such a brief story
from your parabolic birth
to your smoky death.

No desert or sea
can barricade your passage:
you travel as light.

People fight to take
you in their hands, hold you high -
flickering applause.

Once militants sought
to reinvent history:
a strong, fiery tale.

Who stole you first, torch?
The athletes? The worthy great?

You live to perform:
you pyre the air for peace, hope
and competition.

I smell a false plan,
branded flare, logoed lantern.
Blaze free from that chain!

Sear the sky, the skin
of politicians; blister
the palms that cup you -

captive! Coruscate!
Reach up your tongues to the Sun
... unreachable home.

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