Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best of the Net 2008

Before I forget to mention it in the forthcoming NaPo madness, Sundress Publications released their Best of the Net 2008 anthology a couple of weeks back. All the winning poems are (naturally) featured on the website.

My poem Coots had been nominated for inclusion by those masterful folks over at the Shit Creek Review. It didn't make the finalists list, but that surprise nomination cheered me up at a very bad time and was more than enough of a prize for me. One SCR nomination (Charlotte Runcie's "The Masked Ball") did get through to the finalists stage, which proves that most of their editorial decisions are good ones! SCR's latest issue also came out this month - again, always worth a visit and a browse when you have a moment to spare.

Good to see that another of my favourite online venues - No Tell Motel - bagged a BotN winner with Clay Matthews's "Poem in Which I Sort of Break Down". Kudos all round!

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