Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buy Salt!

Typically, Ms Baroque makes the case far more elegantly and pursuasively than I ever could.

I'm going to invest in Young Master Rob's tome, and At Least One Other Book (not yet decided). Your task, dear reader (that's both of you!) is to suggest which Salt book(s) I should pick to broaden my poetic horizons ...

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  1. Well, the good thing about the Salt website is that you can check out .pdf files, which give a flavour of each book.

    I'd recommend two other books from the Scottish list:

    Scales Dog - Alexander Hutchison (brilliant, surprising stuff - in the tradition of Basil Bunting and WS Graham. Depth and humour in equal measure)
    The Ambulance Box - Andrew Philip (poems on grief, faith, and discovery - perfect balance of emotion and intellect)

    Also Luke Kennard is very entertaining (either 'The Harbour beyond the Movie' or 'The Migraine Hotel'), as is Katia Kapovich's 'Cossacks and Bandits' and Chris McCabe's 'Zeppelins'. Not to mention 'Me and the Dead' by Ms Baroque (Katy Evans-Bush) herself.

    It probably comes down to which .pdf you enjoy most.

    And thanks for choosing my book, Rik. Much appreciated!