Monday, January 30, 2006

Going to the Dogs

So, the Year of the Dog started yesterday. Being of the dragon pursuasion myself, I am of course overjoyed at the thought of having to live through the year of the sign that most detests people like me. have this to say about my future year:

"You'll devote much of your time and energy to the task of bringing to a successful conclusion the projects that you have your heart set on, but some unexpected obstacles will slow down their progress and put your patience to the rough test. Also, you'll often be set against yourself, for you will have too much ambition and will forgive yourself no weakness or shortcoming. Try to be less tense and you'll be promptly rewarded, as this year the stars will greatly favor patience and tenacity.

"Casual encounters may very well end up as profound friendships. These relationships will prove most interesting to you since, apart from their sentimental aspect, a common intellectual research will give your exchanges a non-conventional character that will delight you. Remember that 'friendship doubles joys and reduces sorrows by half' (Francis Bacon)."
They then factor in my element (wood) and continue to impart the rapture:

"The influence of some stars will greatly increase your desire to exert yourself physically and to practice a sport. This will be the best way for you to preserve your fine figure. Be aware that swimming can give you a beautiful flat belly and long, long legs."
Oh, joy! I'm going to learn how to swim.

This site says fairly similar things:

"Dragons enjoy an unpredictable year rich with social invitations and increased visibility. Be cautious however, as the Dog year is your opposite sign and this may usher in the wrong kind of publicity. Whether in business or romance the Dragon finds the ideal climate in JAN's Rat-ruled month. Past projects are brought to their zenith and successful conclusion now. In FEB be sure to keep your word on any commitments during this rather stagnant period. Don't become frustrated by obstacles now as the New Year of the Dog makes it's entrance on the 29th. As the Rabbit-ruled month of MAR arrives, Dragons find the potential for career improvement and recognition for successful achievement. An award of some type may also be involved."

When I was unemployed (a long time ago) I took time out to study Chinese horoscopes and even did a few personality portraits for people. My own birthchart throws up the interesting fact that I am a double dragon (dragon year and dragon hour), but I also have a dollop of dog in me thanks to my birthmonth. This is a bugger, as dragons and dogs are not supposed to like each other - dogs see dragons for the charlatans they are, and dragons see dogs as tasty snacks to be played with. Add in my woody element and we've got a fun day out for all the family.

Of course, I consider all this astrology stuff - eastern and western - to be nonsense of the first order. So the fact that the 3 worst bosses I have ever worked for were 30 years older, 6 years older and 6 years younger than me - and thus curs to their very bones and pawpads (though very nice people outside the work environment) - is just one of those interesting coincidence thingies.

Strange world ...

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