Sunday, April 26, 2009

NaPo 09 ~ As Above; So Below: Collapse

My one-and-only attempt at Google sculpting this NaPo. I promise.

As Above; So Below: Collapse
(a found poem)

It is also known
as a credit
crunch. It occurs
when participants
in an economy
lose confidence
in having loans
repaid by debtors.

Mystery ailment
in Mexico have
experts scrambling.

For many people
the credit crisis
isn't very real
yet. But it's seeping
down to Main Street.

Mexico shut down
schools, museums, libraries
and state-run theaters.

Amazon resists
the credit crunch -
the online retailer
has joined Apple
in seeing profits
rise during
the recession

The national laboratory
in Winnipeg
has confirmed human swine
influenza virus
in clinical specimens sent
from Mexico
for testing.

The Prince of Wales'
dream to replicate
his sustainable
eco-village in Dorset,
has been hit
by the credit crunch

Up to 70 dead as swine
flu outbreak
sweeps Mexico, crosses
US border
and prompts worldwide
pandemic panic.

The credit crunch
has chewed its way
through a fair
few victims this year
but you may not realise
how it started,
what it is.

A deadly strain of swine
flu has sparked
concerns of a worldwide
after suspected cases
have been reported
in the US.

The recent credit crunch
was driven by a sharp
rise in defaults
on subprime mortgages.

Mexican health
authorities have counted
1324 people
likely sickened
with the new strain of swine
flu. As many as 81
have died.

Did an obscure
accounting rule
cause the credit crunch?

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