Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NaPo 09 ~ Elemental limericks

... in which Rik runs out of inspiration and finds himself resorting to elemental limericks ...

Vanadium Vera has ticks
she counts them by bites, and licks
each blood-laden ball
as it lets go to fall
to the carpet, for stamping to bits.

Roger has radon hair:
it glows when he goes to the fair
to ride on the dodgems
and slide on the dog-ends
and vomit that veneers the stairs.

Hafnium Hettie does huff
when she clomps down the stairs for a puff
on her Marlboro Light -
each suck a delight
of poisons and tars and stuff

A lady called Chromium Kate
delights in the search for a mate:
she hunts down her man
and does what she can,
then marks up one more on her slate.

Rubidium Ronnie has form;
his bones are immune to reform:
each night he must shake
his tackle, and make
the women of Romford perform.

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