Friday, April 24, 2009

NaPo 09 ~ Experimental Poem Thingy

Experimental Poem Thingy

We learn to walk in syllables,
each tumble a punctuation.

The best economies are charted
on calfskin scraped clean of fat.

We once stored gossip in oak apples
and vitriol, sometimes mixed in wine.

Skipping chants in playgrounds -
North; East; West; South:
Maggie Brown's got the biggest mouth!

My gossip is rich in dates
and times, channeled in ducts
clad in water sips.

A man chronicles the economy
in numbers and charts: harsh gossip
exchanged across pews.

Banks are for rolling down;
failures are charted in red ink
and extra lines at playtime.

How long will it take
two competing Year Four children
to complete a billion skips?

I found a vellum mouse nest, once,
caught in a heat of ducts.

There is no news; gossip
is for those who have the ear for it.

You need to be quick on your heels:
Maggie Brown was good at the kiss chase.

Sheets are for wriggling in,
bedtime gossip wrapped in cotton.

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