Friday, July 31, 2009


For want of something to post, here are the chapter titles for my novel; I decided today to add titles as part of the final polish before the tome wings its way out to agents ...

1. The Story Keeper Talks of Beginnings
2. Delesse
3. Tuuke
4. The Naming of the Parts
5. Shapeis
6. Tabeed
7. The Sexing of Humanity
8. Bassakesh
9. The Groom's Party
10. The Burning Woman's Tale
11. The Beloved Courtesan
12. Loetopas
13. Behin of the Fifteenth
14. The Pig at the Feast
15. The Contract Celebrations
16. At the House of Varoul
17. The Gods on the Hill
18. Sheslan
19. The Death of Sama-Lovare
20. Rumours and Gossip
21. The Marking of the Bounds
22. Fear
23. A Festival of Imps
24. Loken
25. Beyond the City Walls
26. Politics
27. The Gods in the Jungle
28. Boats on the Taete
29. The Pride of Lachlasser
30. The Feral Life
31. At the Estates of the Emperor (Deceased)
32. How Ancestors are Honoured in Viyame
33. Diplomacy
34. Little Sosunda
35. The Guardsman Investigates his City's Murder
36. Parlay
37. Disaster
38. Consummation

Chapters 1-7 are still available to read on the Authonomy website

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