Thursday, July 02, 2009


That's the driving test that I failed, not a general failure or breakdown. Thankfully the driving examiner had nerves of steel and didn't break down during any of the three poor errors of judgement I made during the test, though he did blanch when I pulled out of the junction into the path of the big red bus.

In other news, I am on that Twitter thingy, apparently as @KaliedaRik; someone convinced me that it was a good tool for keeping up with the latest info on publishing stuff and, as I move serenely through the redrafting of my first novel and start researching agents and other scary beasties, I need all the information I can lay my hands on. Clues on what I should tweet about would be welcome.

Changing the subject: Lily Allen - dontcha love her! Unbelievably, I've only just found out about her - I have no clue about modern music, living instead in a chrysalis of 60s70s80s radio stations. Today I'm in a perky mood, requiring a perky song, I think:

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