Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rik learns to draw

Now, I wouldn't call myself a competent draughtsman. I suppose I could call myself "adequate" on account of managing to pass my Art 'O' level a quarter of a century ago. Since then, the only substantive drawing I've done is doodles during meetings (and when a meeting drags on more than an hour those doodles can get pretty substantial).

But I've always envied and admired those people who can draw. I know it's ALL ABOUT PRACTICING, RIK. The trouble is, I can always find an excuse not to practice, such as I haven't got the right paper or my pencil's too blunt - I've got a bloody degree in procrastination, I tell you!

Well, now I have no excuse. Last week I went out shopping and purely on impulse picked myself up a graphics tablet. And having a new toy to play with gives me an incentive to sit down and doodle with it. Or, as I realised this morning, learn to draw properly.

So here's my very first attempt at drawing with my graphics tablet. The answer to the question "what's it supposed to be, Rik?" is given below:

Kudos to anyone who guessed that it's supposed to be a carnation flower.