Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Comments pages on Rikweb website

I've added a comments page to the Gods in the Jungle website - all shiny and linked to Facebook and everything.

(I've also (hopefully) fixed the comments pages on the RikVerse website. Please could either of you let me know if things aren't working properly. Thankee, innit.)


Pimp my novel like a pro

As of 1 November 2010 The Gods in the Jungle will be part of the Smashwords Affiliate Program, with 61% of my royalties (around $1.20) from each sale going to whichever third party link to the book generates that sale. More information on the Smashwords Affiliate Program can be found on this Smashwords FAQ page.

If either of you are interested in earning some cash Affiliate commission, all you need to do is visit the GIJ page on Smashwords and paste the linking code supplied at the bottom of that page into any blogpost, review or webpage where you mention the book.

Plus you'll earn more cash Affiliate commission if people following that link go on to buy any other Smashwords book during their visit.

Win-Win, innit!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rik predicts the future

The day draws closer when a person will be able to go online and build their own personalised anthology of favourite short stories and poems - either as an eBook or a POD - with micropayments to each author included in the antho. What better present for a Mother on Mother's day than a book of 'singles' by their favourite authors, as selected by their kids?

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Gods in the Jungle (revised)

The beautiful thing about self-publishing via POD and eBook is that when you decide to revise your tome, you don't have to recall and pulp huge volumes of stock at huge expense.

The second edition of The Gods in the Jungle is now available for purchase at and (links on the right). Those of you who have already bought the tome in eBook format from Smashwords can download the new version for free.