Monday, March 19, 2012

Vreski Wards website redesign

In my ever-more-desperate attempts to garner a job offer, I've been redesigning bits of my website, to act as a portfolio of what I can do.

The latest update is to the Vreski Wards pages. I originally coded this playful little site as a Facebook App, specifically for promoting my first Novel.

This recode is far more ambitious, as I'm using it as a demonstration both of my coding skills (the code includes jQuery, raphael.js and moment.js tidbits) and my ability to build a fairly pleasing user front-end.

Vreski wards website
Vreski wards facebook app
Vreski wards facebook community page

jQuery gets more fantastic the more it matures. There's AJAX stuff hidden within the slidey pages and snazzy tags magic - who knew that AJAX could be made so simple to code up, huh?

And Raphael makes web graphics do-able - which is a godsend for me as I've never been able to play nicely with flash.

As to the Vreski Wards themselves? It's nice to have finally finished all the text snippets (including 90 sprite descriptions). The new site is finished, and polished, and a vast improvement on the old site. I'm proud to have it as part of my portfolio.

It's a bit of fun - feel free to enjoy it. (And buy my book!)