Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pointless poetry exercise #7

If you're not aware of the concepts of flarf or google sculpting then, um, be happy:
This morning I am ready if you are
I am not much of an athlete,
I will take at least ten seconds.
After a good night's sleep
am ready for my final day:
if you want to see more
about this great new product
then see my new blog.
If you are experienced in data mining
and have sophisticated programs,
I'm Ready for Easy Morning Routines!
I am ready for Pat to move
out of my extra bedroom;
I feel that I am ready to consider
certification as an instructor.
My conjecture is that if you can
search and reuse translatins
I am Ready Now! This morning!

These lines are fragments taken, in strict order, from the first 9 results presented to me by Google using the search string "This morning I am ready". There's a lot of blogging poets who would consider this to be a poem; I think I need a bit more convincing on that front. Though it is better than the shite I wrote when trying to produce something out of my own imagination with the starting line This morning I am ready if you are.

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