Friday, February 06, 2009

Building for the Future

Actually this is a redraft, previously called 'Waiting for the Train at Stratford Station' - the need for a new title was the least of that version's worries ...

Building for the Future

Beyond Stratford station's rust fence,
a field in plough: farrow and till -
            ripe for seeding.

The warehouses have been folded away
so architectures can set root, bed down -
            glass petal, steel stem.

Spark-snouted moles delve through clays,
their spoilheaps a sawtooth horizon -
            brown, bare.

We all watch: our diamond-cold eyes catch
each change daily: today, a groundfrost -
            sods snap in the ice.

Men in plastic hats check their vision
against clipboard bibles: origami maps -
            cantilever dreams.

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