Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Micro-Mule

Inspired by a story on the BBC News website this afternoon. Enjoy!

"There must be laws against this sort
of thing! I mean - there's me, you know,
right there in the spot, the sugarmill
just ticking over nicely when
some bastard 'god' just pops along
and sticks a stack of beads across
my back, you know? Like I'm a giant
of multicellularity!
Yeah, right! And then the bastards steal
my heat and light, evict me like
some virus scum. And now they play
their games - a sweet light here, a smell
of toxins there and I'm away:
go up this channel, round that bend -
it's like a bloody maze in here!
My poor flagellae beat like strips
of, well, flagellae I suppose
and if I had a set of nerves
I bet they'd scream in pain by now!
I mean, I ask you, mate, for what?
Nirvana ain't supposed to be
like this!

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