Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kalieda from space

One of the reasons for learning how to play with Blender is to wrap my Kalieda maps onto a globe. I display my first (poor) attempts below to give people an idea about the look of the planet and the placement of the 3 main continents.

This is Falah, in the southern hemisphere ...

[edit: image deleted]

... and this is Cheidrah - on the same side of the planet as Falah, but a lot further north ...

[edit: image deleted]

... and this is Ewlah, home to the Gevey speaking peoples (alongside 18 other distinct languages, including the still developing Wakat language) which sits on the other side of the globe to the other continents:

[edit: image deleted]

Eventually, I want to get a little movie of the spinning globe (or a flypast of the planet) to use on the introduction page of the website.

And I make no excuse for playing with Blender rather than writing my NaPo poems for Saturday and Sunday. Quite frankly, Blender offered me more fun. And tomorrow is another day. And anyways I work for the Government, where deadlines are relative and if the Minister promises to publish something in the Spring but it doesn't get published until mid-August, then as far as the Civil Service is concerned mid-August is Spring, so less of this nonsense talk about missed deadlines!

1 comment:

  1. I love it.

    Specially the observation about the Government. How true.

    Besides, they can pass legislation to say that mid-August is Spring from now on, can't they?

    But they can't find exiles new offices. Not in a hurry, at least.

    Oh, the omnipotence.