Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weestruum Gvekizhuum (Week 2)

The week 2 results make good reading for the Harbour folk of Pidome: Aruasuu win their fourth game in a row by scoring a single goal in their home game with defending champions Tuusrhesh. They're joined at the top of the table by the Simakere River team Merundeme, who only just beat relegation last year, and Ceves Isles' very own Gadite. The islander's 2:1 victory over Fanstrate was particularly impressive in a match that saw them fall behind early on, only to claw their way back into the game with two excellently taken goals in the second half. At the other end of the table the luckless Emadiase college team Krasistesh conceded 8 goals away to Elfane's boaters Osemevrhesh, making it 14 goals in 2 games. It's been 25 orbits since the students last brought the championship back to Emadiase; on this form it's going to be a few more orbits before they manage to do it again.

The first, and so far only, score draw of the season came from the Journeyman League, and typically involved Emadiase's Krhovlestosh who have drawn four of their last six games. It was enough to secure them second place in the league tables, and gave Tratoune, Elfane's ever underperfoming blues, their first point of the season. Merundeme's fellow Simakere River team Elpikem are the only other team not to have yet lost a game, recording a 7:3 home win against Vopshe.

Panoste Strate, relegated from the Journeyman League last year, celebrated a second win to retain their 100% record in the Apprentice League, beating Mintose 1:3 away.

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