Saturday, December 16, 2006

Early Crimbo Prezzie

Crimbo's come early for Rik this year. Santa has said to Rik: "yes, you can be a writer for the next few years - if that is what you really, really want to do". Rik is very happy. But Rik is also not stupid, and will be investing some of his new-found time in an Open University course or two, just in case his nib dries up.

When asked to comment, Rik said: "It's all very exciting. I'm sure nothing substantive will come of it and I'll probably end up on the streets begging for coppers and dog ends, but I won't miss the rush-hour commuting, that's for sure!"


  1. All the best with this, Rik.

    Did you win the lottery? Or is this something you've been planning for a while?

  2. Alas, Rob. No lottery wins beyond the usual tenner to date. Her Majesty no longer requires my talents in her Home Civil Service and has - with regret - offered me an early severance.