Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun with maps

I know I've been quiet. I have excuses. Good ones.

First, I've been busy with the Open University. Not only am I doing a short course in learning how to write, I'm also doing a longer course on information and communication technologies. And as these things have a habit of doing, both courses had marked assessments to be completed in the past few days. The bugger of it all is that I'm not allowed to share my writing course exercises on the blog. Which is a pity as I could post them and make it look as if I'm being a good blogger.

The other, better reason for my quietness is that I've been busy updating my website - not the poetry side of things, but the conworld/conlang bits of it. The revamp is not yet complete - plenty of work still to do, but I can tell you that once it's finished it's going to look fucking marvelous!

You don't believe me? Here's a taster of what I've been up to:

It's a contour map of part of the southern coast of my main con-continent, Ewlah. The whole continent now has detailed, excellent maps ...

... like this - the same bit of the continent as the first map, but this one has craggy mountains and everything!

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