Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For Valentine's Day

... I give up smoking. Hopefully for good this time.

I have eight cigarettes left in my packet. Already my body is telling my brain that I need to go out and buy at least another 200 - it panicks when it thinks I'm running low on fags. Already my brain is saying: 'Hey, it won't harm to go out and buy another pack - you can always give up on Friday ...'

I have nicotine chewing gum ready for gnawing, and nicotine inhalators for the sucking. I'm not giving up smoking, I tell my body and my brain, I'm just replacing one source of nicotine for another source. Remember the good things you enjoyed when you didn't smoke - like clean hair and solid gums and working taste buds and stuff. You'll be fine, I'm murmuring to my muscles and my lungs. It'll be an adventure!

I think it's time to diminish my dwindling supply of cancer sticks by one. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

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