Monday, December 22, 2008

Bill Knott, he says ...

Bill Knott issues a challenge in his latest blogpost:

"Hey, Post-Aholes!—: wanna be "radical"? wanna be "socialist"?—

how about performing an anticapitalist act:—

because you're always claiming on your blogs that if people only knew about your work, they would applaud it,—and that the Poetry Establishment/Official Verse Culture is blocking your path to greater acceptance and readership recognition—

so why don't you take all your poems or "poetries" or whatever you call them, and post every one of them onto a website for open access and free download by anybody with a modem anywhere in the world—

put your money-ass where your adorno-mo is."

And Rik says: "I'm there already, Bill. Been there for the best part of a decade. And still I'm not a socialist!"

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