Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Five reasons for not posting

1. I've been busy, 'kay? Things to do, deadlines to meet, people to avoid - that sort of stuff

2. Open University has taken over my life, like that barnacle parasite that infects crabs and turns them into scuttling factories to produce more barnacle parasites. Yep, that's it: Open University studying has stolen my gonads!

3. I've been learning other stuff, too. Cody stuff to do with webpages. It keeps me off the streets and is a perfect excuse for not going outside into the glorious summer sunshine (which risks the possibility bumping into my dentist - my checkup appointment is long overdue).

4. I'm revising my book again - and managing to make good speed on it. Blog posts just get in the way of the creative juicy stuff, innit!

5. I'm taking my driving test on Thursday - it takes a lot of time and not posting on blogs to get in the right frame of mind for that kind of stomach-wrenching process.


  1. How do you fit it all in? Best of luck with the driving test. And I know where you are with the OU... God-be-with-da-days... :)

  2. P.S. I hope you don't growl at me. but please see your dentist.

    I hate going to the dentist because I hate hearing them tell me I haven't done what they've said I should do. Right now I'm trying to floss every night, so they don't growl that I've failed in what they've told me I should do to prevent gum-disease.

    I think I have to visit them mid-month. Yuck!

    Is this why you avoid them?

  3. I risk replying too much.


    Go take a walk into that glorious sunshine. If you feel yucky in any way, this can help to cure it. You can focus on the swaying of the trees if there's a wind. You can listen to inane chatter of the people that live nearby. You can focus on the chatter of the birds or any wild creatures. You can bask in the sunshine. You can focus on a voice that seems not to be telling you what you should be doing.

    I hope I haven't bothered you with this.