Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009

It's NaNo time again, and this year I'm gonna give the challenge a good stabbing.

I'll be honest, though, there will be cheating involved. Rather than start a new book I'll continue writing the book I've already got 30k words for; I'll call myself a winner if I reach 80k (and, hopefully, the end of the book).

Current first draft of the book is up at TextNovel. As the blurb says:

Kal is not having the best of times: his friends have deserted him; the city around him has changed; and the man whose head he lives in knows he is there. And now he has to save the world - though working out what's threatening the world is proving to be a problem too ...

Also included: dragons, psychic vampires, gay zombies, godlike monsters and very annoying old women.

Daily drafts will also be posted here under the RBS and SpinTrap tags. Good writing is not guaranteed.

Carpe diem, etc!

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