Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Akmal Shaikh

The news that the Chinese authorities have chosen to execute Akmal Shaikh is ... unsurprising. The condemnations by Government leaders and other politicians are welcome ... but not enough.

No nation state has the right to take a person's life against that person's will. No government should hold the right of life and death over its own citizens or visitors to its shores.

Judicial execution must end. There is something we can do to help end it, here in the UK.

We need a new law. That law must make it explicit that the judicial execution of any Briton in any nation is an act of murder with malice aforethought, allowing the British courts to issue warrants for the arrest of those persons involved in the execution: prosecutors; judges; prison wardens and guards; oficials who have a legal capacity to directly intervene and offer clemency - but choose not to do so.

Of course, no nation state that practices judicial execution would be willing to arrest people named in the warrant, and it's doubtful that other nation states would be willing to upset the likes of China, the United States or Saudi Arabia by acting on the warrant when those people come within their juristiction.

But it will allow those people to be arrested and charged with murder should they ever attempt to enter the United Kingdom. Such as Rick Perry, Governor of Texas in 2003 when the Texans executed Jackie Elliot; Roy Barnes, Governor of Georgia in 2002 when the Georgians saw fit to murder Tracy Housel. And not forgetting those folks in Singapore who strung up that dog John Martin back in 1996.

Yes, Martin was a serial murderer, Elliot was a rapist-murderer and Housel also murdered an innocent woman. Nasty dogs. But a nation state that executes such deviants makes itself no better than them. A murder can never be fixed by further murders - not in anyone's name. Not even in God's name.

And nation states that execute people with mental disorders ... are no better than the Nazis in Germany with their ethnic cleansing and eugenics.

Akmal Shaik deserved better than the fate delivered to him this morning. In his memory, let us work to bring the perpetrators of his murder to justice!

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  1. It is interesting how this travesty of Justice takes place and The Times has an article : ANIMAL FARM and the home of George Orwell at Bihar is to be restored where his Father was an Opium Grower for The British with the Market in China.

    I feel the Chinese World is out of control. The Chinese State is a Filthy Mess. The Chinese worship only Money. My own experience of Life in China is real. I consider NOSTRADAMUS brings Shri Akmal Shaikh back to Life. London Taxi Drivers are a Breed. I whisper the Word to say London must make a silent comment. The wild-west of the people's rebublic of China has it's place in history, on the silk road. It is normal for a country lady to have several husbands.

    The whole place is different from the main part of China. Habits, Traditions... I met a Lady with five husbands. In reality they also have a dislike for the Pakistani people. In fact what Shri Akmal Shaikh has done is to destroy any Faith in British Politicians and Religous Leaders on the last few days of 2009ad. Yellow Man is GREAT and our Leaders underestimate. Our Country is run by whimps and China rules O.K. ..... London Taxi Drivers must appreciate what happens when you need some help and if your a Brit... drop dead. I rotted in a Korean Prison and learned being British is meaningless to the Yellow Man. NOSTRADAMUS says what is happening and we must honour the Dead if we are to show solidarity for the YELLOW PERIL. London Taxi hear me out. God Bless all Taxi Drivers who are so trusting and helpful to strangers. My own decision is to stop spending any money on Chinese Food etc. The whole planet is saturated with Chinese goods. Akmal Shaikh has done what Guy Fawkes failed to do... to show the Politicians as a sordid and corrupt gang of Losers in the real spirit of what Life is meant to be.

    Thank you for making Mr Bradshaw feel his Soul as he writes to you. CyberSpace has Soul......... I wish all Life to be blessed in the realisation of 2010ad being a Year for The Truth. The Truth comes in Whispers..........