Saturday, December 18, 2010

'To Posterity' and the Kindle

Kindle is shit for poetry, but I've been experimenting and may have come up with a way of showing linebreaks and strophe breaks that doesn't make the eyes bleed (too much).

| Walls are not blank. They soak in lives, each pore
| in the mortar a pit to house outbursts and tears.
| We chose the scheme together: a brush of faint cream;
| a slice of simnel; a feather of fresh-hatched chick.
| And so we paint: this emulsion stroke shall cover
| the time we argued the length of a bottle of whisky.
| I texture the colour with cobwebs, old nets to catch
| forgotten meals, parties; the husks of anniversaries.
| As the room grows in its new coat I follow your lines:
| dab wet gloss on the skirting, wipe spats from my hair.
| When it is done, we make a good memory - a kiss -
| for the walls to record. A cat-hair glides in the fume.

To Posterity for US Kindlians ($2.99ish)

To Posterity for UK Kindlians (£2.21)

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