Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snowdrop poem: A Queen Laments

Slowly I work my way towards an end to this interminable poem ...

A Queen Laments

"Look at you: the girl who destroyed the magic
mists and caused the sun to erupt unblooded.
Seasons stall! No spring shall unfold from winter,
singing salvation.

"Hear the bells! They toll for the death of nations.
We who sought the shelter of timeless havens
watched you rip our spells from their tight foundation –
sinful salvation.

"Who will tend my woods now that I am ousted?
Bough and brook will fester, my meadows poisoned …
bricks and roads shall blossom in place of trees: who
sings for salvation?

"You can fix this, child, for you have the power.
End this pointless agony swiftly: finish
what you triggered painlessly – give us sweet and
simple salvation."

1 comment:

  1. Rewrote the last verse:

    "You can fix this, child, for you have the power
    deep within your bones and memories: finish
    now what you have fashioned for us – we ask for
    simple salvation."