Monday, July 25, 2005

Snowdrop 7.5 (first bit)

Not a very productive day ...

The Boy Who Kissed a Queen

"She dances all night and feasts on the game
her hunters deliver, queen
of all that she sees. Her lovers take turns
to keep her relaxed - so keen
to earn her esteem. But what of her shame?
For shamed she has been, with tales
in whispers and stares, the gossip that churns -
a story of love that failed.

"It starts before time awoke in the world,
when hunter and hunted played
their innocent games, when life was a dance
and sunlight could weave the shade.
The queen of the hill found love in the curled
embrace of the sea's bright king.
Together they danced, invented romance,
exchanged solemn vows and rings.

"'So what?' You may say, and right you would be
to yawn at a fairy tale
as trite as this yarn! But wait, and I'll tell
of love undermined, of scales
unbalanced and torn apart, of the sea's
retreat, of the loss of light,
of time everlastin', heaven and hell
and Tallyman's pot of blight!"

More to come later ...

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