Friday, November 04, 2005

POD publishing update

I received my second proof copy of my book of poems this morning - total ordering, printing and delivery time (to the UK) has been under 5 days on each occasion.

The good news (for me) was that this version printed perfectly - no need for further editing and proofreading! Which means that I was able to go to the website and press the magic "confirm" button to start the process of promulgating the book through the various databases listing published books. It's also been submitted to the various online bookstores for their agreement to include the book in their listings - which claims almost always happens. So hopefully sometime in the next 6-8 weeks people will be able to order the book through those channels rather than just from

I've also updated my website and my storefront to give people the chance to preview the whole book. I mean, it's only fair: I'd not risk money on a book of poems by some bloke I'd hardly heard of before if I couldn't test drive the poetry first!

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