Monday, November 28, 2005


The RikVerse is currently ranked at No. 949 in the [ahem] Books > Subjects > PoetryDrama&Criticism > Poetry > General category section of, and at 123,788 in the general rankings. I have no idea how good, bad or indifferent this performance is. Do they rank sales daily? Weekly? Annually? Does this mean I've shifted 1 copy of the book? 10? 20? I'll find out sometime after 5 December when will post details of monthly sales and royalties for me to access. But I'm curious now!

Across the pond, reports that the books sales ranking is "none". Fine. Be like that! Barnes&Noble don't even seem to record sales rankings; neither do WH Smith. Oh well - back to making snowflakes.

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  1. I ended up cancelling my oder with Amazon because they still quoted "delivery after Christmas Day" on my order. The problem is that it would have held up a Christmas present I'd ordered along with it.

    But I re-ordered it with one of the marketplace sellers, and it should be sent out in the next few days. So you've sold at least one!