Friday, January 06, 2006

The Voice of God Speaks Words

I gave up smoking 60 hours ago. The lust for a cigarette comes in discrete urges which each last about 3 minutes. Each urge needs to be shouted down, loudly. I seem to be having around 15 urges an hour, and keep myself going only by the Nicotinell Promise that the number of urges will decrease over time.

I don't think any sort of withdrawal is conducive to writing poetry, and thus have a ready-made excuse for the following poem:

The Voice of God Speaks Words

He speaks about the Devil's salt,
and plucks a stone from Satan's eye
to give a chat on love and trust
to people snoozing pew by pew:

"This evil works by magic. Look!
It moves by curse to curse and teach
a lesson. God can not be bought
by sinners praying. God will not

"forgive the hateful sodomites
their lecheries, nor welcome home
the quacks who rip from wombs the lives
of babies. God will not forgive

"the evilists who teach that man
once lived in trees and swung by hooks
of hands from bough to branch. The Lord
gave Jesus life and death to teach

"us God will not forgive the hoards
who mock belief and will not pray
to Him or burn for Him! His love
is not negotiated! God

"does not forgive the liar's lips
nor give His blessings cheaply. We
must fight for Him to earn His love
and terminate the vile-most whores

"of thought and deed. For He demands
His children bow and worship Him
alone. Demands that we obey
the laws He made for us. Demands

"that we atone for Adam's sin,
forsake our knowledge, learning; start
afresh, become as pure as steel
and sharp as swords. That we become

"His instruments to cut away
the cancer - slice the sins from flesh
to heal the people, strip apart
the souls of whores and satanists

"to clean them, make them fit for His
inspection. Nothing less will do!
The world is sick and we must make
it better! God will love us then!

"For every pound and ounce of flesh
is God's, and every sin a sore
that must be atomised by force
of will, belief and action. God

"will love the instruments who cure
his Kingdom. God will love the men
who take his laws within themselves
and hone their thoughts and bones to do

"His holy work - whatever that
may be: to speak His truths in streets
and alleyways; to fight the sins
with words, with fists, with fire, with truth!"

And in the pews of snoring heads
sits one young man who listens hard
and hears some words to give his life
a point. His smile

explodes his face.

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