Saturday, January 21, 2006


Oops! Long time no post.

I have my reasons. Work has been extremely busy, which is a bugger for someone like me whose ideal job would be some policy area so obscure you'd be unlucky to be asked more than a couple of questions a decade.

We've also had the kittens neutered. Mr Dolly's bollocks were getting scarily big and had to go. Ms Jojo got speyed alongside her brother as part of a package deal.

I've also been reworking an idea for a conlang I had a couple of years ago. The first attempt at the language had been a bit utilitarian and not very cohesive. This attempt - which I've been working on for about a month now - is coming along quite nicely:

I cook you

ejaqhabneat jaxrhaohf
we (both) burn the tree

ejaqhabnagat jaxrhaohf
I burn that (near) tree

ewakamixofjaqhabja'at jaxrhaohf
the farmer wants to burn the tree

omhwapuxnuxofjaqhabja'at jaxrhaohf
but the farmer might have burned the tree

Yep, it's a little bit polysynthetic. And I'm going to call this conlang Wakat.

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