Sunday, December 30, 2007

All revisionised out

Well, seven poems revised over one frustrating weekend isn't bad going, in my book. Below are links to each of the revisions, now being workshopped on the poetry newsgroups, and also links to their pages on the superbly crafted website where the final versions of these little tykes will end up. Enjoy!

Crime of Passion - rap thread, rikweb page
Gossip - rap thread, rikweb page
In Dark Places - rap thread, rikweb page
Little Arthur - rap thread, rikweb page
Monkey Knows All - rap thread, rikweb page
Slap Stick - rap thread, rikweb page
Woman and Man in Traffic, Imagined - rap thread, rikweb page

(I'm posting the links mainly for my benefit - the usenet splorger has been busy over crimbotide, making it difficult to find relevant threads via the Google newsreader website.)


  1. Seven in a single weekend? And there I was, happy with one in a week!

  2. Anonymous1:45 am

    Guilt overload: I haven't commented on any of these in RAP, have I?

    My only defence is that they lack the bad qualities that make commenting easy. Next Xmastide, please write stuff that can safely be made fun of when half drunk on ASDA Chateauneuf and M&S Port.

    PJR :-)