Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Kalieda Encyclopaedia

After that nasty fifteen minute encounter with 'poetry', something much more interesting and upbeat. I am very proud to announce that the Kalieda Encyclopaedia is once again up-and-running.

And to get you both in the mood to explore the Bumper Book of Kalieda Facts, here's some fun questions:

1. How much of the planet surface is covered by ocean?
2. What is the current total population of the continent of Cheidrah?
3. In which orbit did the ice at the north pole first fail to melt?
4. How much of the total life on the planet is classified as Type Two lifeforms?
5. Where does 'boucha' come from?
6. What makes the Zeenore Ark unique?
7. The Ramane State collapsed in which orbit?
8. Why is Fenstrhuuwine different from other Ambostak cities?
9. Where do the Ba'hadim people live?
10. On which river will you find the Exile's Rock?
11. The New Bartekol Agreement was signed in which orbit?
12. What beverage do people from the city of Krhiste drink at weddings?
13. Translate the Gevey phrase 'tuusrhe jarhizhe loifen velizhe'
14. If someone in the city of Gevile served you 'shnaathuu', what would you be eating?
15. Who invented Balanced Ákat?
16. In Ákat grammar, what are 'the guests at the feast'?
17. How many main calendars are found across the continent of Ewlah?
18. Who was Joes the Explorer?
19. Which team currently leads the Weestruu Cauvizhuu?
20. How do òicustiỳtac players pronounce the name of their game?

There will be extra helpings of ice cream to folks who manage to answer more than four questions correctly. Seven correct answers will get you an extra shiny Gold Star. More than ten and I'll know you've been cheating.

Most importantly, of course: have fun!

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