Thursday, May 01, 2008

NaPo 08 - so was it good for you?

This is, to tell the truth, my fourth attempt at NaPo, and only my second successful completion of the task - last year I gave up around the Day 21 mark and (strangely enough) the same thing happened again this year; if it hadn't been for 2 miserable days of churning out half a dozen poems to catch up I would no doubt be offering tea and biscuits to my old friends Mr. Useless and Mr. Inadequate. Again.

But, 'tis done, and here's my thread over at PFFA to prove it. I also posted the poems to my old usenet haunt rec.arts.poems, for those with the stomach to witness the carnage - not that there was much bloodletting, or even interest, this year; most of the more interesting trolls seem to be hibernating, or dead ...

If one thing is clear to me this time around, it seems to be that I'm getting better at writing poems on the fly: there's more potential keepers in the pile this year than in previous years, and there's only a handful of 'poems' in the thread that need to be put out of their misery as soon as possible.

The other thing that gives me pleasure is the progress made with my interminable poem - I think there is an ending in sight for Snowdrop, and I've now given myself the task of finishing, revising and self-publishing my Great Opus by the end of this year. Just in time for the Crimbo Stocking trade, hint, hint.

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