Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Rik did on his holiday

Things I did on my holiday ...

I stayed in a very nice little self-catering apartment block run by Stacey and her mum Olga

Inside the apartment

I went househunting in Chania

Ruined house

View of Chania

I went on a chuff-chuff through a gorge and into the mountains ...

Theriso gorge

Church at Theriso

... where I saw a cretan lily

Cretan lily

I went to the beach and explored some rockpools where I saw fishes and crabs

Rock pool

I visited the ancient ruins at Aptera overlooking Souda Bay ...

Ruins at Aptera

Souda bay with warship

... and took lots of photos of flowers

Flower at Aptera

I watched some swallows building their nest under the main highway

Swallow nest

I went through the orange groves to Meskla (by chuff-chuff again: I like Cretan chuff-chuffs)

Churches at Meskla

I climbed a mountain at Polyrhinia ...

Polyrhinia ruins

... where I saw a cemetery and a goat ...

Polyrhinia cemetery

Polyrhinia goat

... and got lost in the mountains when trying to walk home

polyrhinia view

And I walked down Samaria Gorge - the longest gorge in Europe (descent time for a rather unfit Rik: 7 hours 20 minutes)

Samaria gorge - near the top

Samaria gorge - river

And now I'm back home - with thanks to all the people who helped make this holiday one of the best holidays I've ever had!

Rik in Crete


  1. Ooh, nice. Much as I enjoyed Wales, I do feel the lack of proper Mediterranean sunshine.

    The stripes on the swallow's nest remind me of my wasp nest photos.

  2. Looks like a great spot to visit and it sounds like you had a (mostly) great time.