Friday, June 27, 2008

RBS: Rik's Blog Story

'Kay, here's the deal.

I've started writing a new story. It is a science fiction story. It has no title; it has no storyline or plot beyond a few slippery thoughts in my head. Characters are being made up on the fly.

This new story seems to be wanting to be written in short sections. The POV is resolutely 1st person present tense (which is an effing bugger to write in, I tell you). And because it is so wonderfully fluid and clueless - I have little idea what I'll be writing beyond the next section or two - it will probably end up being an unpublishable mess.

Which makes it perfect for posting to the blog.

So for the next couple of weeks I'll be posting a new section every day to this blog and, hopefully, I'll be able to keep writing additional sections so that by November we may - might - just have a finished first draft of an unpublishable, but enjoyable, book. Well, that's the goal, anyway, and it does no harm for Rik to have one of those goal thingies. Maybe even Gold Stars for any particularly good sections I feel proud about.

For convenience, I shall call this new Work-in-Progress The RBS Thing. And I shall post the first section forthwith.

Be warned: be happy!

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