Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Bloody Valentine

I tend to keep quiet about my various (rather sad) claims to fame. But sometimes they can come in useful. For instance last Friday we got a phone call from Debbie, my sister-in-law, saying she had got us tickets to go and see her band playing at the Roundhouse on Monday. I've never had the opportunity to see Debbie "at work", so of course we said yes:

Well it's taken a couple of days for my ears to recover, but thinking back on the event I have to admit that it was much, much more enjoyable than I (as a card carrying lover of all music "fluffy" and "poppy") thought it would be:

Debbie, being who she was and everything, got us tickets which we had to peel off and stick to our t-shirts - all platinum and black covered in triple-A ratings and stuff - which not only got us into the venue, but also got us into the dressing rooms backstage afterwards (with the free beers and wines and, for some unknown reason, two large boxes of Earl Grey Tea) where we got to meet the other family members and support folks associated with the band. We even went to the press party (with a paying bar) afterwards - a fascinating insight into a world that properly belongs to the beautiful-and-famous people, not window-stuck oiks like me!

So here's a big thank you to Debbie and Bilinda, Colm and Kevin for giving me the opportunity to experience one of the most mind-blowing, intense and interesting evenings of my life! And best wishes for the rest of the tour. Play loud! Party hard!

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