Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello, campers!

Nine months is a long time to be absent from a blog. A pregnant pause indeed!

Though, in my flimsy defence, I've always been crap at keeping a diary. Diaries are things that other people impose on me.

Anyways: what's up, Rik?

Well, thank you for asking, dear reader. The most important what's up that I need to report is that I am still actively seeking employment. I did manage to get a job last October - seasonal work that took me through to January - though, truth be told, I ended up a lot poorer from the experience. Since then, I average 5-6 job applications a week, and get responses on them maybe 2-3 times a month. I've had 3 job interviews in 6 months.

This may interest you: one employment agent came back with the feedback: 'your online portfolio is a little underwhelming'. Huh? But any feedback is good feedback, so I decided to do something about it. Over three months I developed an entire JavaScript library from scratch. I use it to draw stuff on websites using a canvas element. It's good stuff. I've even overcome my loathing of Twitter to tweet about it! (I currently have 12 followers - ain'tcha just proud of me?)

What I haven't got from all this intense coding activity is ... a job.

Whatever. Here it is. Enjoy!

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