Saturday, April 14, 2007

NaPo 07 #14: An Office Acquaintance Offers Advice

An Office Acquaintance Offers Advice

He said: "love
is a game
of both skill
and chance,
strategic planning
must become
your friend."

I said: "why
turn these chemicals
into a game?"

He said: "you have
to compete, mate."

I said: nothing. I watched his tongue
moisten his underlip, a quick slither
of spittle between words to gloss
his good looks. He smelt of sharp spices
mixed with soft conditioned cotton.
When he cocked his head, his eyes
remained symmetrically blue, electrodes
pushed through my forehead; lobotomising
me. I watched his throat form thoughts -
a rhythmic rise and close, rise and close.
There were curled hairs caressing his larynx.

He said: something or other.
I was not listening.

(I think the punctuation is the least of this one's problems. Oh well ...)

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