Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NaPo 07 #9: Decisions at Midnight

Snowdrop (the 53rd part):
Decisions at Midnight

"What new horror is this? I see the knife
my Gran was using when I saw her last
here in my hand. What magic trick has passed
this blade through fogs to me? Maybe my life
is truly done and I'm in heaven, hell -
wherever. Maybe I'm a coma corpse
in hospital, my Gran beside me. Thoughts
have power here: I know this tower fell
before the Normans came, and yet it stands
as proud as men before the beer can choke
their pride away. Did him downstairs remake
it just by thinking it? I need a plan -
I need to learn to use this gift, so folk
will help me out of here for their own sake!"

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