Saturday, April 07, 2007

NaPo 07 #6: "Please Stop"

Like an old dog returning to its vomit, Rik runs out of inspiration and turns to his neverending Long Poem to provide some NaPo lines.

Snowdrop (the 50th part):
"Please stop"

"Please stop! You talk in riddles, all of you!
The sailor with his song of cartoon cats;
the man who spoke of doom and hell. The acts
of madness I have seen: a sea that grew
to flood the Marsh, a church that built itself -
this tower! How the fuck am I to cope
without the facts? There's big black dogs that lope
across the haunted wastes of this cursed shelf
of land - I saw my mother! Spoke to her;
well, argued, anyways. I need to know
about the Tallyman today, like where he hides
and how to stop him. Should I burn the furs
on which he sits, or mumble verses? Show
me what to do so I can jump this ride!"

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