Thursday, April 19, 2007

NaPo 07 #18: A Story With Morals In It

A Story With Morals In It

Chlorine Cassie caught a train
and went to see her friend Lorraine.
But when Lorraine came to the door
she slipped and fell down on the floor.
So Cassie took her friend to church
to see the vicar, Lithium Lurch -
a barge of a man with tiny eyes
that hid in his brows like furtive spies.
He preyed for the soul of poor Lorraine
ignoring her moans about the pain
in her knees and hips; he shared a sip
of wine with Cassie, brushed her lip
with the back of his cassock, stained it red -
and then he took her home to bed,
leaving Lorraine to die of thirst
under the alter, cold and cursed.
So when you hear a friend come a-knocking
don't answer the door just wearing your stockings!

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