Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sevenling (there are no rules)

Those good folks over at The Gazebo are inviting people to write sevenlings (see the thread in Karen's Pub).

I'll be honest: the form looks too artificial to me, and the examples I've seen to date barely function as wholesome, belly-full satisfying poems. But then again I write haiku despite despising the form, so what the heck ...

Sevenling (there are no rules)

There are no rules for those who wait.
she swallows the starling whole:
as it beats, the heart grates her chest.

Rules are made for breaking the hearts
of the little people. Watch the swallow:
a feathered boomerang curves across the sky.

When the angels called, she was not at home.

I'm sure future generations in search of my posterity will have fun close-reading that little gem!

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