Saturday, June 24, 2006

Weestruum Gvekizhuum (Week 1)

Spring Equinox in the Land of Cantage not only marks the start of the new orbit; it's also the start of the new gvekuu season!

The week 1 results are now in. In the Weestruu Cauvizhuu, four teams celebrate with away wins, and the Pidome team Aruasuu find themselves leading the table after putting 6 goals past a weak Krasistesh side. But the week's big scorers are reigning champions Tuusrhesh, with the Dogs of Emadiase putting 8 goals past newly promoted Krasovjarhuu. Next week's matches could offer an early pointer to whether the Dogs are on course to retain their title when they travel to the Pidome to test the mettle of the early leaders. Some are already predicting an early bath for the Harbour Crew!

Newly promoted Kalla Bante showed they meant business in the Weestruu Pozizhuu by defeating Journeyman League stalwarts Urtalke away from home. The other five matches resulted in home wins. Daesovuu, the Templars from Pidome, failed to match the winning start of their fellow promotees, losing 4-0 at home to Emadiase's Krovlestosh.

There were no great surprises in the Weestruu Pozalhetizhuu, with all six home teams winning. Krube head the table after putting 6 goals past luckless Obalbe

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