Sunday, June 18, 2006


This blogsite attracts (on average) 7 visitors a day.

I don't know whether I ought to be depressed because I want to be blogfamous, or elated because I continue to dodge celebrityhood by flying beneath the blogradar - Samizdat Rik!

I suppose if I want fame'n'fortune I could always post some buttshots of me - with and without the tight shorts. Or alternatively I could post more poems and conlang stuff and aimless rambles - the googlebot likes regularly updated pages and is always happy to add a couple dozen hits to the counter at no extra charge.

Sunday evenings: depression weekly.


  1. Looking at stats is never a good idea, Rik. Butt shots, though. That might be a money maker!

  2. Oh, and I should have mentioned that I read everything you post, but I use a feed reader so I might not look like I'm out there. But I am!

  3. Well, that's two of your readers identified now!

    Some blogs have hundreds or even thousands of readers and are insufferably boring (in my view).
    But others have few readers but a high level of reader-satisfaction.

    That's often, sadly, the way of the world.

  4. We're in the woodwork, like roaches! Oh, wait. That's not exactly the nicest idea. Like rats?

  5. Well, I get roughly twice as many hits at each of my two blogs as you, but the average length of each visit is approximately 1 second; they apparently just can't leave fast enough. Let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the woe that is blogging.

  6. Julie - why have I now got an image in my head of a gang of death watch beetles ogling my butt? Hmmm?

    Rob - not sad, but rather more "exclusive": we are U; they are non-U. Now my image has expanded to include a group of street urchins, snotty noses pressed to the window, eager to catch a glimpse of the legendary butt.

    Hedgie - my audience tends to stay for just over a minute - this has nothing to do with my butt being artistically placed to obscure the exit signs.

    It wasn't the visitor numbers that depressed me, but rather the thought of work. Typically, my dread proved to be clairvoyant. God bless Tuesday, is all I can say!


  7. Better we ogle your butt than pinch it. Right?

  8. Hell, seven readers?

    That's good. I have no idea how many read Blogsphere; I don't even want to find out.