Saturday, November 25, 2006

From Each Skull, A Story

I threatened to do it, and here it is! A new downloadable chapbook from Rik - the first in 4 years - for your pleasure and delectation. This one is called From Each Skull, A Story, and includes poems mainly written in the past couple of years, though one or two older ones have managed to creep in through the back door.

I'm still working on the love poems chapbook - I expect to be in a position to publish that in the next 2-3 months, assuming I survive Christmas.

Anyways, to celebrate this new publication I'm going to give away 5 signed copies of my book, The Rik Verse, to the first 5 people who email me with the text of the dedication they want me to write in the inside front cover and the address they want me to send it to. This is a strictly first come, first served offer. And yes, I will pay the postage costs; think of it as an early crimbo prezzie from me to you!


  1. OK, the link's not working. I'll try later, might just be a server down.


  2. Server's down - as I'm getting my email come through. If it's down for much longer I might offer to email the chapbook to willing victims ...

  3. Looks like the server is back up again.

    I've enjoyed the few I've read so far - at random. Sniper, Lucy Plays with her Friends, The Charity Collector, Dad there's something wrong with Nana.