Friday, November 03, 2006

Rikweb rises again

Technical problems at the home of all things Rik meant the website took a small midweek break. The good news is that it has returned and can now be accessed again. I've taken the opportunity of this enforced break to tweak a few things on the poetry side of the site - for instance many of the poems listed in the Archive now show the first line of the poem as well as the title. The bad news is that I have to choose some new favourite Rik poems as I'd forgotten to update the mirror database. If either of you have any suggestions about which poems ought to go in the Showcase, then let me know!

The not quite so bad news is that I've taken this opportunity to dump the Periscope. So you can both breathe easy, there'll be no more mad website-y ideas from Rik for a little while.

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