Thursday, November 16, 2006

November kitty photos

Because I know you love my cats almost as much as I do.

"I think we're supposed to play with it!"
"But if we ignore it they might buy us something even better!"

"If you plant me, will I grow up to be as big as you?"

"Do you think they've spotted us yet?"
"Not if I keep my eyes closed!"


  1. I love them. I especially love the captions.

    Perhaps I'm just a little mushy today, but hey.

  2. Hi Rik,

    As a cat guy, maybe you can tell me: how do you get the cat to scratch on those cat-scratch things they sell instead of on the furniture and rugs? Our cat seems totally oblivious to things that are designed for her.

  3. Scavella - thanks! Mushy is good for vacations

    Larry - spray some liquid catnip solution on the things you want her to claw, and some lemon juice on the things you don't want her to claw.